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Review: Ice Age: Collision Course, funny and entertaining Movie

Ice Age: Collision Course Movie Review

Roughly thirteen years on since the first Ice Age was released and the gang are still going strong. Manny, Sid and Diego, this one being the fifth in the feature length series and the longest, by only a few minutes. Supposedly the final in the franchise we see an expected happy ending instead of total extinction.

It’s the full film extension of Blue Sky Studio’s short, Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe which was released last year, obviously starring Ice Age favourite Scrat, who intergalactically haphazardly arranges the planets in imaginative fashion whilst inadvertently thrusting an asteroid towards the Earth threatening all of it’s existence, of course, all because of that elusive nut. ( Watch Ice Age 5 Streaming Online )

Simon Pegg’s Buck returns for more of a main role, leading the team to save the planet and is highly entertaining, more so than the rest of the pack. The story sidetracks a little more with Manny than Sid and Diego and there’s quite a lot that goes on with an assortment of fresh characters including dino-birds and a spiritual spitting llama.

There’s an underlining message about excepting change and moving on, letting go and growing up which makes way for the subplot of Julian and Francine’s relationship. It’s seems family and marriage plays an important part of the story but not to the level to become boring of bogged down by it.

John Debney composes the score this time round taking over from John Powell who has done quite a lot of animated features, like Rio, Happy Feet, Shrek and How To Train Your Dragon. Nothing really stood out from the score but the soundtrack, using Trevor Rabin’s Armageddon theme tune was cheeky and Buck sings a clever twist of what I’m sure is Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro. ( Watch Collision Course Movie Online )

The animation is far superior than when you look back at the first Ice Age in 2002. It’s come a long way since then and while I was watching Scrat move planets I was thinking this might be worth the extra to see in 3D. Incredible detail and the action flows superbly, especially Buck’s scenes.

It’s fast paced I believe in hope to not lose the attention of the kids, it has a surefire script where characters literally bounce off one another creating enough comedy for everyone though it lacks the out loud laughter and some Sid silliness falls flat.

It’s above average, light entertainment for the whole family that is, for some part, visual stunning and fans of the series should enjoy it, but I doubt it’ll be a film to end up on my shelf.

Watch Ice Age: Collision Course Free Movie Online

Review: Ghostbusters (2016), A funny entertaining remake

Review: Ghostbusters (2016), A funny entertaining remake
The film focuses on Erin Gilbert, a scientist who is up for tenure. After realizing that a book on the paranormal, that she co-wrote with Abby Yates, has resurfaced, she reluctantly agrees to aid Yates and eccentric engineer Jillian Holtzmann in investigating a paranormal event at a mansion, so that the book can disappear. While they find a ghost, they are fired from their respective positions and choose instead to open their own business on investigating ghostly occurrences, hiring a hunky, dimwitted secretary. After MTA worker Patty Tolan encounters a sighting in the subway, she joins the team and after the four manage to capture a ghost at a rock concert, they gain fame, while also trying to contend with a dangerous ghostly threat and trouble from the mayor’s office.

Paul Feig, who directed and co-wrote the film with Katie Dippold, does a fine job at honoring the 1984 original, which had been directed by Ivan Reitman and written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, even if he does fail in spots. The film is not a direct recreation of the original, but instead has a different approach in spots, even if there are similarities. The film starts off with an amazing scene at a mansion, whereas in the original it was at the New York Public Library. While in the original, Murray, Aykroyd and Ramis worked at Columbia University, only Wiig works at Columbia in this film. Jones and Hudson both join the team off the street, though in different ways. Both films have the team becoming well-known and famous at a larger location: a hotel in the original and a rock concert in this film. Both films also have different major threats as well, while also having to deal with the mayor. Still, this film has a great approach to its originality, while also poking fun in spots at the hatred that came from male fans of the 1984 film. While this film takes place in New York City, most scenes were shot in Boston, though it manages to appear as New York City. (Watch Ghostbusters Streaming Online)

Feig and Dippol craft an interesting film, that feels like a homage toward the original. This film is Feig’s first PG-13 rated comedy since Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy, all three of which were rated R. While Feig probably had difficult making a PG-13 rated comedy since he must have had so much use to making an R rated comedy, he still pulls off a good PG-13 rated film. Robert Yeoman’s cinematography is snazzy in spots, while also wonderfully supporting the main plot, blending horror with comedy in other spots. The final fight between the Ghostbusters and ghosts is photographed and shot brilliantly, not only supporting that chaotic feel, but also blending the feel of a comic book battle with horror and comedy. Theodore Shapiro’s score also wonderfully supports the film, feeling jazzy in spots and really subtle. The decision of bringing in Ray Parker Jr.’s original theme song from the 1984 film is genius in many ways. The special effects, chiefly the ghosts, are well-handled. The ghosts are spectacular, while the filmmakers choosing the smart move of introducing new and original ghosts: a female ghost in a mansion who pukes up green slime; an electrocuting ghost; a dragon-like ghost at a rock concert; balloons; pilgrims and a flashing ghost. The cameos of Slimer and Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man are really brilliant, as well as the ghost that the villain takes the form of. While some may complain that the film relies on too much CGI for the ghosts, it doesn’t feel over the top and has a very unique feel to it, while still emitting the old-fashioned tone that was present in the ghosts in the 1984 film. For me, it never ruined the film.

Still, there are few problems that resulted in my mixed response, a few of which I have already mentioned: Jones’s stereotype character and the underdeveloped villain. The main problem is that the film follows wild comedy, unlike the original which was more subtle. While Bridesmaids had wild comedy, for example the bridal shop scene, it supported the film, while I feel a subtle approach should have been brought to this film, like with the original. If the film had been on the subtle side, it probably would have been more interesting and lots more fun. Some of the comedy at times seems to be overdone and go on for too long as well, almost reaching the point of sitcom in a few spots. While the film does start off great, it sags for a while, but around the middle it moves along, with a rip-roaring finale between the Ghostbusters and the ghosts. (Ghostbusters Full Movie Online)

The end result is a good film, but not a great one. While it pays tribute to the original in a good way, there are still issues, though its a film that you will enjoy seeing, which won’t waste your time and is still worth the price of ticket or even a late night Netflix viewing. If a sequel is made, which no doubt there will be one, maybe it will be done a little bit better and with more heart, though thats not to say this film didn’t have heart, it just felt a little empty in spots, while the sequel will follow a subtler feel. The end result, though, is enjoyable and I should also say that no-one should pay any attention to the naysayers or fanboys, the ladies do rule this film. Even seeing the film being dedicated to Harold Ramis is respectful and made me pleased. I’m sure that Ramis would have approached of this film.

Still around during the end credits and for an interesting scene after the credits that makes mention to an important character from the original film, though I will not spoil it for you. (Ghostbusters Streaming Online)

Review: ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ is fun for the whole family

The Secret Life of Pets, while it isn’t on a Pixar level of goodness, is highly entertaining from start to finish.

The film starts out with one of our main characters, Max, (who is near perfectly voiced by Louis C.K.) living his life freely and happily with his owner, Katie. After some time passes, Katie decides to get another dog for Max to play with while she leaves throughout the day. Max, having trouble adapting to his new life which is being intruded by another dog, decides that the only liable thing to do is get rid of this new dog, Duke — even if that means trashing the entire apartment. (Watch The Secret Life of Pets Movie Online)

Somewhere along the line, Max and Duke get lost in the local park, and so our journey begins.

Along the tiring journey home, Max and Duke meet a group of animals who’ve been abandoned by their owners, and their only purpose, so they think, is that they need to kill all humans. The group eventually ties into the predictable ending that is only thirty minutes away from their introduction.

While the film’s jokes and gags seem to work for the most part, a lot of the film relies on that cartoony humor (pie in the face, fat cat falling, animals flying into windows), and it just gets tiring to watch after awhile. The film often drags in its funniest moments, often overplaying their jokes so much to the point to where they are not funny anymore. (The Secret Life of Pets Streaming)

One of the highlights of the film is when Max’s group of friends goes out and looks for him and winds up meeting an old hound named Pops (voiced by Dana Carvey) that seemingly knows everybody in New York. Pops, and Carvey’s ability as a voice actor, help keep the film flowing at a nice pace and helps prevent it from becoming an all out children’s film.

The Secret Life of Pets is a fun family film that your kids will love, but in the end, the older crowd will be disappointed by if they were looking for any real emotion. (The Secret Life of Pets Full Movie Online)

The Legend of Tarzan Review: A great modern update of a classic Tarzan

Every summer, there’s usually at least one movie that comes along and pleasantly surprises. This year, THE LEGEND OF TARZAN is that movie. I walked in with basically no expectations (certainly no high ones), and walked out rather charmed by the winning chemistry of its stars, some striking photography, and a delightfully old fashioned sense of adventure. The Legend of Tarzan Movie Streaming

Taking place in the late 1880s, the film finds Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård) now civilized, having claimed his birthright as John Clayton, Lord of Greystoke, and firmly ensconced both as a member of British aristocracy and worldwide celebrity. While his wife, Jane (Margot Robbie), longs for a return to Africa, he does all he can to move on from his time there. That changes when George Washington Williams (Samuel L. Jackson), an envoy from the United States, asks for Tarzan’s help in foiling what is potentially a burgeoning slave trade in the Congo, one being orchestrated by the nefarious Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz) on behalf of the king of Belgium.

That basic setup is the hook which allows various exciting hijinks to take place, and what hijinks they are. If you were to make a list of things one might want to see in an Africa-set adventure tale, likely most everything on that list can be found in THE LEGEND OF TARZAN. Stampedes through grassy plains! Fisticuffs in dense jungles! Fisticuffs aboard moving trains! Diamonds! Hippo attacks! Deaths by crocodile! A villain in white with a murderous gimmick! Vine swinging! It’s all here, and none of it is presented in a campy or overtly silly way. It’s pretty great stuff, and the movie takes it seriously enough that real stakes are generated. The whole movie has a kind of throwback vibe to it, not just because it throws in anything you’d ever want from this kind of flick, but because it is earnest. There’s no winking at the audience. Director David Yates (of the last several HARRY POTTER installments) creates a sense of genuine fun while fully embracing the classic, “boys adventure story” spirit of the original Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan tales (even as some of the more problematic ideas and elements have been sensibly updated for modern audiences).

From a filmmaking perspective, Yates does a very fine job, in conjunction with his cinematographer – this is one of the best looking movies of the summer, with sweeping vistas and locales that are richly captured – and production designer. The principal actors each do terrific work with what they’re given. Skarsgård plays Tarzan with a degree of sensitivity that was unexpected, and though he’s certainly extremely credible in portraying the character’s physicality, it’s the contemplative side of his interpretation that sets this Tarzan apart. The chemistry he shares with Robbie is palpable, and generates real heat, to the extent that you fully buy their relationship. Waltz brings a couple new wrinkles to his villainous bag of tricks (Rom’s a character under a great amount of pressure to deliver results for his superiors), but let’s be honest – as entertaining as he is in it (and he is), he could play this part in his sleep. The real highlight of the movie, though, is Jackson, whose contributions really underline the pulpy, adventure-serial flavor the story has. He and Skarsgård are paired together for much of the movie, and they make for a great (and contrast-y) double act. The Legend of Tarzan Full Movie Online

Narratively, the movie is not perfect; there’s a subplot involving a revenge plot against Tarzan that doesn’t pay off like it should, for example, even though we spend a decent amount of time on it. Also, the script never truly gives Margot Robbie’s Jane much of a function beyond motivating Tarzan’s character, even as Robbie herself injects a huge amount spunky (by 1880s standards) personality into the role. Some of Jane’s placement in the story is necessary to move the plot forward, so to a degree it’s forgivable, but one gets the sense the movie would have been even stronger had the writers found a way to get her more directly involved in the action.

The more I think about it, the more I like THE LEGEND OF TARZAN. I’m kind of disappointed by the lukewarm reception to it, critically, as I really don’t think it would be possible – in 2016 – to make a more adventurous or more visually-appealing incarnation of the Tarzan character on film. It has action that’s fun, appealing performances from all concerned, and enough old fashioned “gee whiz” vitality to win over almost any curmudgeon in the audience. That’s what it feels like to me, at least. While acknowledging that it doesn’t reinvent the wheel so much as polish up a really old wheel to spiffy effect, I had a great time with THE LEGEND OF TARZAN Movie.

Central Intelligence Reviews: Fun movie with some good laughs

Central Intelligence is for all intents and purposes a good movie. Kevin Hart’s character is likeable, his dialogue is funny, the movie is rife with one-liners and chuckles. The plot is fun, there are plenty of twists, and the movie feels like a real buddy-cop adventure. It keeps you on your toes because you never know who is the real good guys or the real bad guys.

There were themes in the movie that were really powerful emotionally. The entire ending scene nearly put me to tears (I’m a movie crier so it might not have the same effect on you). In a nutshell, behind all the CIA conspiracies and flying bullets, Central Intelligence is the story of a kid who was bullied so traumatically that it permanently affected his psyche, making him unable to trust people, and put distance between himself and everyone around him. It’s the story about how this kid (Dwayne Johnson) attempted to turn his life around. He got in shape, insane shape, learned how to physically defend himself, and ended up joining the CIA. But what he never managed to change or fix, was his damaged personality. He never had any friends his whole life. In the film he reunites with the one person who ever showed him kindness back in high school (Kevin Hart) and they form a friendship in the midst of a crazy CIA conspiracy. Watch Central Intelligence

Now this sounds like a great movie, right? So why am I confused, and why did I not enjoy it?

Here is the unusual part. You would naturally expect that a movie with such strong emotional themes, clever plot twists and funny one-liners would have good character writing. And It did, and it didn’t. You see, I mentioned before that Kevin Hart’s character was funny and likeable. But what about Dwayne Johnson’s character, the emotionally wounded CIA agent? (Central Intelligence Streaming Movie)

To put this next part into perspective, let me first say that I have enjoyed pretty much every character Johnson has ever portrayed. He’s one of my favorite actors not only because he frequently stars in high-octane action films, but every movie he’s in, is at the very least pretty good. But in this movie, Johnson plays the MOST annoying, MOST unrelatable, most UNCOOL, unlikable character I’ve ever seen in a movie. I could not STAND Him. From the way he dresses, as if Kimmy Schmidt came out of the bunker and it was still the 90s, to the way he talks, like a jackass bro from tinder who is the embodyment of everything wrong with the world, to the infuriating consistency within which he is a total annoying pain in the ass. There is no other way to describe him. If I met this character in real life, I would turn and walk far far away, then make fun of him for the next 24 hours. I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT. EVERY OTHER aspect of this movie was great. So how could his character be THIS irritating? You’ll have to watch it and see what I mean for yourself. I can’t in good faith recommend you go to the theaters to see this because his character just drags the film down that much. And yet even with this horrible character, I still managed to find plenty of good things to say about this movie. It was so weird seeing Johnson play a character I not only didn’t like, but couldn’t stand. And weirder further was that every line he spoke was delivered in his normal voice. He didn’t speak with any irritating accent or dialect. It was straight up super-likeable Dwayne Johnson … playing a horrific character, as he would play a good one. *sigh* Weird, weird movie. Watch Central Intelligence Movie

Finding Dory Reviews: Great story line, and a great adventure.

With this and Inside Out Pixar has established that they indeed can make movies capable of touching an audience with an emotional tale. I never spotted this in previous Pixar films, but now I just have a feeling that somehow Pixar films don’t just entertain. These past two Pixar films can just outright f**k with your emotions.

Finding Dory centers around Dory (duh) in the pursuit of finding her long lost parents. She must do this despite the many obstacles which are both within her (short term memory loss), and of the outside world. Where Finding Nemo had a lot more focus on just the obstacles in the way of Marlon, Finding Dory digs more into the psyche of our protagonist. And it’s gut-wrenching. (Watch Finding Dory Movie Online)

Dory throughout has to deal with her intellectual shortcomings. Throughout, there are all sorts of doubts, fears, and general anxieties that fill Dory’s mind. At the same time she accomplishes so much and gains more confidence.

The people that she meets along the way do an excellent job. An emotional heft is instilled in them as well. And that is because of an amazing voice cast. These characters are incredibly fleshed out. There’s such a sincere tone in the more heartbreaking moments, and I have tears stream down my face from that alone. (Finding Dory Streaming)

Going back to Dory, we are shown a character study. It’s a character that has faced so much adversity, who is often left in the dark, and therefore has a lot more to deal with. And with every little moment of victory and every goal accomplished, a renewed sense of vigor emerges. As the story progresses Dory learns that despite disabilities, she can accomplish whatever she sets her mind on. Those tiny moments of accomplishment, the times she sets her mind and overcomes, those are times where this movie strengthens its emotional grip. Ultimately leaving me in tears of joy. It’s a simple lesson that can be expanded on so well.

Finding Dory is my movie of the summer so far (it’s also better than The Shallows).

Watch Finding Dory Movie

Now You See Me 2, An excellent sequel

Now You See Me 2, An excellent sequel

I was honestly not expecting anything impressive from this sequel, which is a bit strange considering that the central topic is magic (or rather, illusions). I wasn’t sure Lizzy Caplan would hold her own as Isla Fisher’s successor either, or that there would be anything interesting about the plot at all. But while Now You See Me 2 isn’t the cleanest movie, it did satisfy and exceeded a decent amount of my expectations. Watch Now You See Me 2 Movie Online

Its strongest trait is that it not only does well what the first movie did poorly, but it also set right a few wrongs from its predecessor, both within the plot and outside it. In the first film, most of the characters felt like caricatures (with the exception of Mélanie Laurent); this was perhaps the point of the opening act but in my opinion it became a little too contrived. In NYSM 2, the characters have come to life as organic, believable individuals, although they still effortlessly retain their eccentric charisma. And I needn’t have worried about Lizzy Caplan playing the newest member of the Horsemen; the character of Lula is delightful, hilarious, and more than a little off-centre in a way that strangely feels more right to the group dynamic than Isla Fisher’s straight-edge performance. This time around, the story becomes much more personal and I believe it does what any sequel should do: raises not just its own expectations but also strengthens its preceding film and the franchise as a whole.

But of course, NYSM 2 is not without its weaknesses. Much like the first film, the pacing is a little unwieldy at times, and once again the movie doesn’t give nearly as much detail about the Eye as its frequent name-dropping may warrant. The character of Agent Natalie Austin has very little presence despite what the script clearly intended for her role to be, and she absolutely pales in comparison to the first film’s Interpol agent, Alma Dray. And the final plot reveal at the end (between Morgan Freeman and Mark Ruffalo), while not as excessively complicated and nonsensical as the first film’s, still prompts a little head-scratching and doesn’t quite connect all the dots between the two movies in a way that appears consistent. (Now You See Me 2 Watch Movie Stream)

Overall, NYSM 2 has learned from some of its predecessor’s mistakes, but it still has the same overarching problem of pairing its strong ideas with its considerably weaker execution. Still, it is an enjoyable flick if you are able to suspend your disbelief, not take it too seriously, and decide to enjoy the show. Final rating: 7.1/10.

Movie review: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Watch Alice Through the Looking Glass Movie: Crumbling into a fantasy globe, younger Alice discovers herself a little peckish. “Eat me,” says the lovely wrapper, and she balloons like Purple in Charlie and the Candy Manufacturer. A mushroom changes her into a giraffe-ish fear. And of course, the popular Tea Celebration is an limitless celebration of special treats, permanently just unattainable.

Meals is again essential to Alice Through the Looking Glass, a type of follow up to Tim Burton’s 2010 hit, which hoovered up the most unforgettable of Lewis Carroll’s unique figures and his more effective meaning. Looking Cup, therefore, is mostly a conference-room mixture.

We meet Alice (Mia Wasikowska) a while after her first nice. In a getting captain’s cover, she commandeers a deliver given pursuit by cannon-firing cutthroat buccaneers. Returning on land, her newly found freedom is tempered by generally domineering male experts, and a quick jump through a wonderful reflection returning to Wonderland is organized.

There, she discovers the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) unpleasant, alone and grieving his close relatives for factors never completely described. The only way to resolve this psychological health problems, Alice is informed by the organized range of expositors (the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, et al), is to touch a “Chronosphere” from Time himself (Sacha Baron Cohen doing ultra-camp again) and change the past. (Watch Alice Through the Looking Glass Streaming)

The Conjuring 2: One of the scariest movies in the recent times

The Conjuring 2: One of the scariest movies in the recent times
Among cinephiles is a unique distain for sequels, which is too bad considering how outright satisfying a good one can be. I happen to love the promise of sequels; looking forward to revisiting characters and cinematic worlds I’ve previously fallen in love with can be an incredible joy.

The Conjuring 2 delivers in spades. Not only in creating a kitchen-sink horror piece where literally everything is thrown at the audience, and I mean literally thrown. The Conjuring 2 delivers due to director James Wan’s understanding of why the previous installment was so well received and his ability to double down on the elements that work, creating a kind-of formula for modern horror.

The Conjuring 2 begins similarly to the first one, with our heroes, Ed and Lorraine Warren tackling an unrelated, but infamous haunting. I won’t reveal that here as watching it for yourself is part of the fun. Meanwhile in London, sinister goings-on are afoot. A single mother, Penny Hodgson (Frances O’Connor), and her children are being tormented by the vengeful spirit of Bill Wilkins (Bob Adrian), who punishes the family through extreme physical and emotional duress. He singles out Janet (Madison Wolfe), not quite possessing her, but infesting her body and utilizing her as a conduit for his relentless ferocity. (The Conjuring 2 Movie Online)

It isn’t long before Ed and Lorraine are on the case as a kind of empathetic ghost-buster team. Those who have studied the actual case of The Enfield Poltergeist, by which this film is loosely derived, may be familiar with some of these happenings. Thankfully I was not, and was able to take the plot at face value as it unfolds.

Horror’s closest genre cousin is comedy. Both rely on their efficacy to either frighten us or make us laugh. A failure of either results in complete failure of the piece. However, to create either successfully requires absolute mastery of craft, which can come in many forms.

You will read a lot of similar praise in other reviews for this film, as James Wan is deserving of recognition for absolute, confident control over his craft and his audience. I’ve said many times, when I sit down in front of a film, I open myself to allow the movie to work on me. I’m frequently asked if I predicted certain plot points or resolutions. Typically, I try not to as I prefer to get lost in the experience. The Conjuring 2 works much like a haunted house attraction. We know we’re in a staged production of a fictionalized horror scenario.

There’s nothing here we haven’t seen before, but that matters little. We tune in for the surprises within the conventions. Wan isn’t playing with any new chess pieces; he’s just that good at the game.

The film works best when we give in to the fiction and allow the haunted house to work on us. Predicting what happens next may be possible by viewers, yet I dare you to not to miss that one trap hiding just around that one corner you didn’t check – BAM! Don’t worry, it got me too and that’s the fun! Wan’s mastery involves his understanding that we’ve all seen a hundred horror films and all know the conventions. He knows the difference between convention and cliché. There are no false scares, cheap tricks, or smoke and mirrors to be found here. Just pay attention to the brilliant use of tracking shots, which offer a sense of space and size.

That doesn’t just go for the scares. This story and these characters feel real. Enough time is spent on allowing us to deeply empathize and invest in what comes next. Much of the terror in this film relies on the dread we feel should a character we have come to love befall a terrible fate. Wan’s balance of benevolence and malevolence resonates through a beautiful dichotomy of perfectly contrasted tones. He offers us genuine heart to offset and give texture to the genuinely horrific. These are truly evil spirits at work and they seek to exterminate hope, faith, and love.

Many horror films have transcended the genre and have resonated with audiences through the years and become classics; films such as Rosemary’s Baby, Carrie, Silence of the Lambs, and The Exorcist. The Conjuring 2 maybe doesn’t quite make the cut on its own. However, paired with its predecessor, and with the promise of more conjuring on the horizon as a franchise, it could be just as transcendent. In a period of cinematic universes, The Conjuring 2 presents a universe I would gladly visit again, even if, as Lorraine assertively states, “This is as close to hell I ever want to get.” (The Conjuring 2 Streaming)

Warcraft: Action packed and the graphics were fantastic!

Best cgi I have seen in recent years, and finally a 3d movie that’s not over the top. Effects completely stunning and not obnoxious as in other 3d films.

About 10 years of story passes during the movie and I felt if you didn’t pay close attention it could have seemed like a week, they didn’t explain the amount of time passing. (Warcraft Full Movie)

As someone that doesn’t play the game I thought it was very easy to follow along, plot was very straight forward and gronas story was great, I wasn’t expecting such in depth with an orc character. And my Warcraft buddies got real excited when they identified a certain weapon or location from within game. But it was never important to the story, not playing the game I never felt lost in the movie.

The world would be a happy place if only we had core game to movie adaptations like this.

Also both my retired wow buddies are resubscribing to the game and my wife and I are giving it a shot, got game DLd at home ready to go. Great work. Its bringing players back, and in like myself. Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online