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Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Great feminist storyline, refreshing to see a comedy

It is usually rare for comedy films to deliver the laughs and be quite as entertaining than there predecessors. Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Rose Byrne were all entertaining. The movie was a lot of fun; usually a lot of crude raunchy humor throughout, every joke was better than the previous scene. It is what happens when you have Seth Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg and a few others writing the script. Sure, there were probably many improvisations with the cast filling in with what they have to say. (Watch Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Full Movie Online)

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Great feminist storyline, refreshing to see a comedy

Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) are finally planning on moving to another house and trying to sell there current house. Only thing they did not know, when their realtor mentioned about a 30 day escrow with the buyers wanting to do inspection for a month. Mac and Kelly are also facing a new problem, as a sorority has moved into the house next door. Shelby (Chloe Grace Moretz), has moved in next door, with her hard partying friends. Mac and Kelly are trying to shut their parties and are going to need the help from Teddy (Zac Efron).

The first film was decent with its fair share of laughs. The sequel, has outdone itself, which provides more laughs. Plus seeing Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne playing parents that are trying to be responsible but slipping as there toddler daughter treating her mothers sex toy as a doll or expecting there daughter to not learn from there language. Then, there is Zac Efronâ(TM)s character, who is having trouble with his job, as they now prefer there models to wear shirts, and his best friend Pete (Dave Franco) is getting married to another guy and they break the news to Teddy that he needs to move out. Teddy still has trouble adjusting to responsibility and tries to move in back at the sorority house, only to be kicked out again. Teddy, switching sides, to helping Mac and Kelly in shutting down the sorority house is a fun idea. (Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Streaming Online)

Especially, seeing Mac and Teddy, trying to bond from stupidity trying to cook to planning there attack to the girls to seeing them trying to escape a garage that they got locked in. There is so much more, to laugh about, if you love stupid humor or raunchy jokes. Plus seeing them trying to crash Shelby selling pot at a college event was also historical. With everything fun about Neighbors 2, like the first film and this, it does suffer from lacking a strong plot. When it is focused on one hilarious scene after another, as the sorority girls and Mac and Kelly are continuously trying to ruin each others day. Neighbors 2 does prove that sequels can be worthy sometimes, and be better than the last with being funny and having a fun group of cast that also bring the energy to their characters.

Reviews: The Angry Birds Movie , Cute graphics and music

Rovio Entertainment and Sony Pictures Entertainment built a great final product, within the limits of cinematographic quality adaptations about video games.
Reviews:  The Angry Birds Movie , Cute graphics and music
Despite of that the fame of the digital game already isn’t in vehemence, it did in 2009, when Finnish Rovio games company decided to sell a video game based on angry birds and green pigs. So huge was its success that seven years later, a film adaptation has been established in the theatres around the world, while retaining the same color palette of the game, its main characters and even a song from the original. However, its characters aren’t the only ones angry, spectators are really angry to see the silly and unbalanced screenplay of the story. In certain way, the extravagant colors, cheap jokes, and even references manage to hide that lack, even so, lack is evident. Nevertheless, “Angry Birds Movie” is the greater favorite video game adaptation in the summer season, with the support of adolescents, adults and most children. At least at the box office amass more fortune than its competitors due to the level of recognition, although “Warcraft” and “Assassin’s Creed” may give the fight. (The Angry Birds Movie Download)

Fortunately, Sony film is not worthy of the ratings and opinions negative by the audience, well, at least not of all. The expectations for this film were too low, due to the complicated and arduous work to create a story with so few elements, adding to this, the little experience evidenced in previous adaptations of electronic games. Sony gets to engage in a true animated movie, failing in its terrible script, creating lack of chemistry and consistency, not very present in neighbouring companies (Diney – Pixar and even Dreamworks). Bird design is beautiful, majestic and excellently projected, its colors, textures, personalities and sizes make this adventure, a real game of “Angry Birds”.

We meddle in its main scarcity, “The Lego Movie” is a clear reference of a flawless screenplay. Perhaps, screenplay by Jon Vitti (Alvin and the Chipmunks) is simple and limited by the almost nil tools on which they are based, hampering the creation of characters more deep. They thought that by being a film directed mainly to the public children, the plot should be simple and clear, without much depth or complexity in order to solve the basic questions of the game. Watch The Angry Birds Movie Streaming Online

Why are angry the “Angry Birds”?

In an anthropomorphic world, all kinds of birds coexist in a peaceful, fun, colorful and friendly place (an island), all but Red (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) a embittered and resentful bird with life since child due to his physical appearance, his temperament was not the best and he is forced to attend classes to control his anger with the beautiful and delicate Matilda (voiced by Maya Rudolph). There, he finds to his three companions of adventures, Chuck (voiced by Josh Gad) an animated yellow canary with speed powers (with a clear scene referenced to ‘Quicksilver’ (“X-MEN”)), Bomb (voiced by Danny McBride) a black, bomb-shaped bird, which cannot control his temper and simply explodes and finally and less present Terrence (voiced by Senn Pean) a biggish red bird with noble feelings. The group of misfits will have to save their city from the dangerous and malicious green pigs, an unprecedented adventure began.

“Angry Birds” pleases to infants with a predictable, colorful and entertaining story, but also meets with ironic humor to the public adult with perfect and clear references to “The Shining”, “X-MEN” and classic Tex Avery gags. If the screenplay had not been so redundant in the themes and repetitive objectives in animated films (the family, the hero, save your city, happy ending), would be the perfect blend with high quality graphic effects. We consider, this film like a game of “Angry Birds”, where all pigs have been defeated, but the final score doesn’t reaches three stars of score. Watch The Angry Birds Movie

Reviews: The Nice Guys (2016), Directed By Shane Black

Writer/director Shane Black – known for penning the 1980s blockbuster “Lethal Weapon” and the 1990s flop “The Long Kiss Goodnight” (a favorite of mine), among other scripts, before jumping into the director’s chair, in 2005, with “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (another flop, and another favorite) – clearly has a thing for buddy movies. Whether pairing Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson, or Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer, Black has long exhibited a real knack for witty banter that has served him well (artistically, anyway, if not always financially), time and again. Now, with his third theatrical feature as director (his second was “Iron Man 3”), Black returns, yet again, to the format he loves, this time matching Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in a pulpy private-eye tale set in 1978 Hollywood. It’s loads of fun, even if a complete mess. (The Nice Guys Full Movie Online)

Reviews: The Nice Guys (2016),  Directed By Shane Black

Crowe (“Les Misérables”) plays Jackson Healy, a detective-cum-enforcer (unlicensed) who meets Holland March – Gosling (“The Big Short”) – a real (as in, licensed) private detective when he tracks him down for a client and breaks his arm. That’s this movie’s version of meeting cute … and it actually works. This is Los Angeles at its seediest, back in a period when much of the city, including the Hollywood sign, was in decay, and the larger metropolitan area suffered from a serious smog problem. The film opens on that sign, in fact, setting the tone and look of all that is to come. The (mis)adventures of Healy and March will take them through the lives of porn stars and corrupt government officials, stand-ins for a society on the brink of collapse. They may crack wise while cracking skulls, but the subtext underlining their actions is that of a serious misalignment of national priorities. No wonder that the subtitle of the 1982 documentary “Koyaanisqatsi” was “Life out of Balance.”

And crack wise they do, which is where the film is at its strongest. Crowe and Gosling have a wonderful rapport, proving that the ease with which Black generated bromance sparks between Downey and Kilmer was no fluke. Unfortunately, as the movie progresses, the underlying story becomes increasingly ridiculous, making the dramatic stakes almost meaningless. This would be less painful if the set-up and actors were less strong. As it is. I could not shake the plaintive cry of “Come back, Shane” on auto-loop in my head, starting somewhere in the second act. Such a shame. Still, there is much to love, including the performances and production design. (The Nice Guys Download Full Movie)

The plot revolves around a central mystery of a missing young woman, whose starring role in a porn film may or may not be related to the auto industry’s plot to derail government mandates to install catalytic converters in all new cars. Cool and crazy idea, right? Emphasis on the crazy, for better and for worse. Healy and March, (gentle) brute and (alcoholic) dandy, pursue bad guys while tackling their own internal demons, March’s tween daughter in tow (which makes for some uncomfortable moments of a young girl placed in sexual and violent situations, however much they are played for comedy). Along for the ride are Keith David (“Cloud Atlas”), Yaya DaCosta (“Lee Daniels’ The Butler”), Matt Bomer (“Magic Mike XXL”), and even Jack Kilmer (“Palo Alto”), son of Val – all very good – and Kim Basinger (“L.A. Confidential”), who is not (sorry, Kim, but you nearly ruin the film). Then again, poor Ms. Basinger is given some extremely expositional dialogue to spout at the end, so the problem may not be all hers. In any case, failures of plotting aside, if the film is ultimately a muddle, at least it’s an entertaining one. I’d watch this any day over another “Iron Man.” (Watch The Nice Guys Streaming)

X-Men: Apocalypse – Thrilling, Dramatic and Action-Packed with Interesting Plot

X-Men: Apocalypse
X-Men: Apocalypes is the culmination of the Bryan Singer franchise of X-Men movies brought full circle. With no contract to do another film as a director, this one is fitting to be the end of his relationship with the series should he choose. Coming off the success of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Singer has built upon his clever and subtle reboot of what should be rightfully be his franchise. From the shock value of the opening scenes to the goosebumps of nostalgia erupted from the final frames, we are taken on a joyride filled with stunning visuals, powerful performances, and memorable characters. Fans of the cartoon and comics along with the casual audience are given a well-packaged gift from 20th Century Fox. (X-Men: Apocalypse Streaming)

Singer’s greatest success lies in his ability to balance all the elements that make the franchise great. While the plot is simple enough, it is the density that surrounds the simplicity that makes this installment so memorable. The maturation of the First Class cast blends smoothly with the origins of the fan favorite X-Men we are well accustomed to seeing. Characters are handled with delicate care in their motivations, archs, and actions. Storytelling and special effects are symbiotic with one another. The visuals serve more than entertainment value as they amplify the story’s high stakes rather than distract from them. In turn, the scope of the conflict blazes in a grand scale, siphoning empathy from the audience for the level of desperation the protagonists are faced with.

The cast represents one of the finer ensembles of this generation. From McAvoy’s and Fassbender’s Professor X and Magneto to Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey and Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert, few characters felt insignificant or forced. X-Men is one of the few franchises in which the collective personalities excel better together rather than isolated to glorify specific individuals. Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique and Nicolas Hoult as Hank McCoy are memorable in their roles, yet do not steal the show for themselves, demanding tribute to Singer’s ability to juggle the franchise’s characters appropriately. Oscar Isaac delivers another classic performance as Apocalypse, embodying the all-powerful villain on a self-righteous crusade for destructive remodeling of the 1980s world. (Watch X-Men: Apocalypse Stream Online)

While this is a story of mutants with extraordinary abilities, it is the humanity of the film along with the themes revolving around it that shine brightest. Every interaction and relationship among characters is genuine and perfectly paced with progression of the story and foreshadowing of films to come. The empathetic draws from the cast with fear, agony, self-doubt, and helplessness are so pure and authentically displayed that the payoff for triumph, love, passion, and infatuation is that much greater. The theme of compromising with the world’s flaws is again cleverly personified in the conflicting ideologies between the anger of Magneto and hope of Professor X. The students struggle to control their power mirror our own battle as human beings to overcome our fears to reach our greatest potential. A subtle call to action places a moral responsibility to unite, promoting strength together to fight for what we inherently know is right.

With a large ensemble this high profile, a universe this grand, and a history of source material to pay tribute to for the fan’s sake, Singer successfully orchestrates each piece of the puzzle in a manner that still enables charismatic storytelling. X-Men Apocalypse is another episode in the franchise that tells a complex story of characters revolving around a conflict of grand proportions. Themes, personalities, and undertones are successfully blended together in a formula that captivates the audience. This is something to be applauded and appreciated, given that we have seen what failing in this department can result in (See Batman v Superman). It is through the careful balance of these elements that raise X-Men as one of the strongest franchises in the Marvel Universe, allowing it to flourish without the need of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that surrounds The Avengers.

Brilliant and thought-provoking, Zootopia is a terrific Disney animated feature

We are only in March and I have found a movie that I can put on my Top 10 list, “Zootopia” is the best animated film Disney has had in years. It’s brilliant and thought-provoking and who would’ve thought an animated film from Disney would feature political allegories. At a dark time where delusional Americans are chanting the words “Make America Great Again”, it’s nice to see an animated film that tackles with diversity and equality. With fantastic voice work and beautiful animation, “Zootopia” is a terrific Disney animated feature. (Watch Zootopia Streaming Online)

Set in a dystopian metropolis called Zootopia, the story centers around Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin), a female bunny who dreams of becoming of police officer. After graduating from the academy, Judy’s buffalo police chief Bogo (voiced by Idris Elba) assigns her to parking duty instead of real police activities. Several predatory animals have gone missing for the last couple of weeks and Mrs. Otterton (voiced by Octavia Spencer) pleads with the chief to investigate what happened to her husband and Judy volunteers to help her much to her boss’ dismay. Judy has to solve the case within 48 hours if not she agrees to resign.

In helping her with the case, Judy teams up with a con artist fox named Nick Wilde (voiced by Jason Bateman), he was the last person to have seen Mr. Otterton and a known clue leads them to an Arctic shrew crime boss named Mr. Big (voiced by Maurice LaMarche). This character is obviously a riff on Marlon Brando’s Don Corleone from “The Godfather” and he’s freaking hilarious. “Zootopia” has all of sorts of fun and interesting characters including a laid-back yak (voiced by Tommy Chong), a lion mayor (voiced by J.K. Simmons), a famous gazelle pop star (voiced by Shakira) and a moose news anchor (voiced by CBC News anchor Peter Mansbridge). (Zootopia Streaming Full Movie Online)

Judy and Nick also find that there is much more to this case than they realize, Mr. Otterton was one of the many mammal predators abducted by the Zootopia mayor. Why? It’s all part of his experiment to make predatory animals more savage than their gentler selves. Judy maybe smaller than her fellow officers on the force but she’s an excellent role models for young girls. Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman give funny and engaging voice performances as Judy and Nick who make a great buddy-cop movie duo. Watch Zootopia Movie Online

Directors Byron Howard (Bolt and Tangled) and Rich Moore (Wreck-It Ralph) have not only created an amazing dystopian animal world, they also address timely themes in this film including racial prejudice, diversity and equality. “Zootopia” is so clever, it’s right on par with Pixar’s great animated films like “WALL-E”, “Toy Story“, “Inside Out” and “Up”.

If you have young children, you should take them to see “Zootopia”, it’s a new Disney animated masterpiece.

Captain America: Civil War vs Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Which Is Better & Why?

Captain America: Civil War and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice discuss a lot of resemblances. Both pit famous comic figures against each other, both deal with problems regarding security harm and civilian accidents and both are experiencing healthy box office return. Probably.

Despite this one of them is fairing far better than the other with regards to crucial reaction and how viewers have responded. But why is this the case? This movie looks at the reasons why this may be the situation. And probably other things who knows.

Beware of Captain America: Civil War spoilers and Batman V Superman spoilers also. I’m light on the Civil War information but it’s best not to look at this movie if you’ve never seen it.

Review: Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds was ‘born to play this role’

Marvel’s most unconventional hero sure has a twisted mind. “Deadpool” is a complete blast, the merc with a mouth has shred the superhero movie playbook. Ryan Reynolds has finally found a role that suits him well, he maybe vulgar but he is also funny and energetic. You have seen this revenge tale before but “Deadpool” adds some new ingredients to the superhero movie formula. In the opening credits, they don’t reveal the names of the actors, they just reveal what roles the actors have like the hero, the girlfriend, the best friend who is also the comic relief and the villain. The movie even has a few Ryan Reynolds jokes and our anti-hero explains that he got his own movie thanks to somebody who rhymes with Poolverine. This twisted Marvel adaptation maybe bloody and politically incorrect but it’s a lot of fun. Watch Deadpool Movie Online

Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds was 'born to play this role'
A spin-off of the X-Men universe, “Deadpool” tells the story of former special forces operative now turned mercenary Wade Wilson (Reynolds). He and his escort turned girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin) start a very romantic relationship and it seems that nothing will stop them from being together. A year later, Wade receives some heartbreaking news, he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Vanessa does remain on his side but Wade will not let a killer disease tear them apart so he agrees to take part in a secret program called Weapon X where he’ll be subjected to a rogue experiment. Francis Freeman also known as Ajax (Ed Skrein, from “The Transporter Refueled”) injects a serum into Wade which would allow it to kill the cancer but Ajax has other plans for him. He locks Wade into a capsule which would trigger a mutation in his body. His body gets severely scarred but he gets incredible healing powers. Wade manages to escape from the facility but he can’t go back home because he thinks Vanessa would be freaked out by his new appearance.

After some consulting with his best friend, Weasel (T.J. Miller), Wade decides to hunt down Ajax and his crew by becoming a bad-ass masked vigilante known as Deadpool. Wade also managed to find a new home, he now shares a small house with an elderly blind woman named Blind Al (Leslie Uggams). Deadpool does track down Ajax and his henchmen but his battle gets interrupted by two X-Men, Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand). The two mutants want Deadpool to join the X-Men but he refuses because he is not a hero and doesn’t want to become a part of a team. (Deadpool Full Movie)

When Ajax finds more info about Wade Wilson, he kidnaps his former girlfriend and it’s up to Deadpool to rescue her. This movie is extreme formula but it’s mixed with an outrageous new juice that kicks the typical, big-budget superhero movie in the nuts. First time director Tim Miller has put a certain amount of cheekiness to it and the screenplay by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland and G.I. Joe: Retaliation) is laced with profanity and snarky humor. The movie also features Gina Carano as Angel Dust, a muscle-bound mutant who works for Ajax.

The cast is really good especially Ryan Reynolds who really wanted to play Deadpool in a motion picture and he invested so much time with this character. It was in development hell for years and it became a risky gamble for Fox but it all payed off for the players involved. Yes, Deadpool was first brought to life in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” but Reynolds said his Deadpool is more authentic and closer to the original comic book than the one from 2009. (Watch Deadpool Streaming)

“Deadpool” is bloody and really violent but if you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day this weekend, enjoy a date with the merc with a mouth.

Reviews: Captain America: Civil War (2016) – Epic superheroes battle

Reviews: Captain America Civil War - Epic superheroes battle
DC and Warner Bros need to take a good hard look on how Marvel is doing it cause they just hit a grand slam. Civil War is a long time coming with 13 movies now and 8 years to build these characters up (an advantage BVS didn’t have). This feels like a culmination of a lot of things and despite everything it needs to accomplish it all comes together in what is undoubtedly Marvels finest film. (Captain America 3 Civil War Streaming)

Relationships are at the center of this movie whether its Cap and Buck, Tony and Cap, Wanda and Vision, i could go on forever but it works cause you have been with a lot of these characters for so long and the Ruso’s take full advantage. Even new faces like Boseman’s Black Panther are introduced wonderfully and don’t feel shoehorned in. Speaking of new characters i know everyone has said it but this is the best on screen spider-man and one of the best things about the movie. Holland somehow makes a character we have seen countless times now feel fresh and above all fun. (Download Captain America Civil War Full Movie)

This is marvel at the top of their game with action. The Airport scene in particular felt like that earned culmination marvel has been building towards and its nothing but pure jaw dropping spectacle.

And despite everything happening it never feels overstuffed like Ultron did and feels miles more grounded than BVS did. It’s intelligent, emotional, and above all fun. This is as good as summer blockbusters get and the best superhero movie ever seen since the Dark Knight. DC you need to rethink your strategy cause Marvel just kicked your ass. Watch Captain America Civil War

Captain America: Civil War fires on most cylinders as a blockbuster. The performances are good, as is the action, characters and faithful handling of the Spiderman character. The villain on his own is solid, although he is easily forgotten once the superheroes take over the screen to do battle. I prefer Winter Soldier slightly, but Civil War still becomes another fine addition to Marvels successful streak of entertaining films in recent years, while simultaneously boasting several heroic characters without feeling bloated. Watch Captain America Civil War Full Movie Online

Reviews: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill

Reviews: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice -  Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill
It had a terrific action, great visual effects, decent story, solid performance, well directed, good character development, awesome fight scenes and solid writing.

Batman is incredible in this movie, he was the best part of the entire film, in my opinion Ben Affleck is the best Batman/Bruce Wayne we have ever seen on screen. Henry Cavill is a great Superman, Jeremy Irons is great as Alfred, Jesse Eisenberg was a really good villain as Lex Luthor, Gal Gadot did good job playing Wonder Woman the character was a good edition to the film and the fight sequence between Batman and Superman was awesome. And I thought they did a good job setting up the DC Cinematic Universe. (Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Streaming)

Here are some of the things that I didn’t like about the movie, I thought Amy Adams as Lois Lane was a weak character I didn’t like how they were using her, I didn’t like the fact that they kept throwing her into every crazy situations it slowed down the movie for me. (Watch Batman v Superman Full Movie Online)

I wanted more screen time with Superman and they really didn’t let Superman be Superman, it felt like they made him a little sad and depressing character I really hope they redeem him in the future but I didn’t think he was bad in the movie at all. The editing was a little bit of a mess. And I wanted a little more focus on Batman and Superman. (Watch Batman v Superman Streaming)

Overall I really enjoyed the film I highly recommend rushing out to see this movie in theaters and I’m defiantly seeing it again multiple times and I’m excited for the Justice League movie.

This is quite possibly the most controversial film that I have seen in a while! Definitely the most that I’ve seen all year. The Critics have panned it for being overly serious and self indulgent while the fans are completely divided on whether or not this film is faithful to the two Most Iconic Heroes of all time! I believe that it does. This film is fantastic my opinion. It does a rich, deep, and compelling story all while being a truly mesmerizing and unforgettable movie going experience. I do understand why this has haters. (Watch Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Full Movie Online)

In fact I came very close to being one of them myself. I walked out of the theater underwhelmed after watching this film. I predicted most of the events of the movie but the tone through me off completely. I walked out of the theater completely baffled and a little confused about what I had just watched. The Film was a lot slower and less action packed then what I had expected. I can definitely sympathize with people when they said they wanted a film that was a lot more fun. I felt the same way. But this movie was so much more than that and it completely flies over the heads of most of the haters of this movie. Now I’m not saying that all of the naysayers didn’t get but I truly believe that this film is greatly misunderstood. I hope that in time it will appreciated as the badass film it really is. But if not that’s okay. At least I came around.